Weekly Pet Challenge

Here is my pics for Michelles Weekly Pet Challenge.  Hope you enjoy these sweet boys!

DSC_0046 This is Sammy!

DSC_0048 This is Dexter!


Shark Bus

If I had a bus…This is pretty much what it would look like!

Creative-Bus-Wrap---Shark-2Above is when the door is closed.

Below is when the door is open.

3502In all seriousness this is an advertisement for the National Geographic Channels “Built for the Kill”.  #SharkBus

Awesomesauce Challenge-Rembrandt Triangle

I found another photo challenge that caught my interest, so I decided to participate.  I guess Im an “unofficial” member.  I dont have a Facebook, so Im just going to follow along and post on my blog.  The challenge is named Awesomsauce Winter Photo Challenge.  I included the link just in case you are interested.  It has different challenges each week and tips on how to achieve them.  The overall goal to grow as a photographer.  Anyways if you are interested check it out.  I know this isnt this weeks challenge, but I couldnt resist giving it a try.  I am working on this weeks “Prism Challenge.”   Oh yeah…Thanks to Camile Teresa Photography for sharing this with me!  Check out her photos, they are Awesome!

So here is my attempt at the “Rembrandt Triangle” Challenge.

Rembrandt Triangle 3


Rembrandt Triangle 2


Rembrandt Triangle 1

Zombify Yourself!


I know it hasn’t been a month since Halloween.  But why not start practicing/brainstorming now!  The day after Halloween is a great day to buy makeup/supplies for cheap!  The days after Halloween you should go to your local store and stock up.  Many of you know I am a Zombie freak obsessed with Zombies.  Below I have attached a link with step by step directions with pictures on how to Zombify yourself!  Check it out & Zombie On!

Here is the Link… CLICK ME to become a Zombie!