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Identify A Suburban White Girl!

WG Here are a few quick an easy ways to identify your local suburban white girl.  OMG!!!!

yoga An easy identifier is…..Yoga Pants.  They wear them everywhere! Grocery store, gym, club…..everywhere!  Are you wearing yoga pants now?  Hey white girl!

Sisters They take pics with their friends and label them #Besties.  Me & my #Bestie!  Is your camera roll filled with you and your #Bestie? Hey White Girl!

keep-calm-and-dont-be-such-a-drama-queen Everything with them is a big ordeal….OMG! I cant believe she said that! #Drama  Can you? Get off your phone… Hey White Girl!

bathroom Do you spot a group of girls running for the bathroom?  Are you and your friends always bombarding the bathroom?  Hey White Girl!

dance Are you the one dancing looking like you are doing the Funky Chicken?  Hey white Girl!

selfie They are constantly taking #selfies….Making duck faces!  Put your phone down…& No I dont want to take your picture!  Hey White Girl!

starbucks Are you addicted to Starbucks?  Can you not pass one of these without stopping?  Hey White Girl!