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Back Yard Chickens

As many of my readers know me, and those that continue to read my posts get to know me….One thing you will figure out.  I get a crazy idea from time to time and Im not scared to act on them.  Usually when I get one, I call my buddy Ryan, who has just a many crazy ideas, and he tells me how good of an idea it is.  Then I have my fiancée who then tells me I have bumped my head, and how that idea is CRAZY.

Anyways, my lovely fiancee goes on a girls trip one weekend and guess what?  Thats right… I get one of my ideas.  I want to build a backyard chicken coupe.  Do I know anything about chickens?  No…..  Have I ever had chickens?  No…..  Who do I call?  Thats right I call my buddy Ryan, who confirms that it is a good idea.  Does he say its a good idea?  Yes…..  I skip calling Amanda….Its better to ask for forgiveness then permission….. right?

So off to Lowes Home Improvement Ryan & I are off to.  We have no plans, just some pictures of some coupes we liked off the internet.  We get wood, supplies, etc, and we are building a coupe!  As we start to build the coupe it decides to rain…HARD.  Was this a sign from above? Nah……  A little rain isnt going to hurt Ryan and me!  We won’t melt, we maybe could float though!  We work on the chicken coupe Sat & Sunday and put the finishing touches on it the next Saturday.

So without further ado……..

photo 1 Here is a side view of my what I call the “Chicken Mansion”.  Tin roof with some white trim my buddy had laying around the house.  I think it looks pretty good.

photo 2 Here is a shot of the inside nesting boxes.  Maybe put them a little high…..As I said earlier, Neither of us are chicken experts!

photo 3 Backside shot of the coupe……..Everything Closed.

photo 4 Backside shot again…This time with the doors open.

photo 5 Here it is all Painted up and finished.  Didn’t  turn out too bad for two knuckle heads! I think the red looks good with the white door and trim.  I also like the tin roof on it.  Gives it a nice look.

photo 2-1 Above is my first chicken…..Oh Im sorry thats not a chicken!  Thats Amanda! haha  What is she doing in the coupe?  Here chicky chicky chicky!!!

Ill introduce you to my chickens on another post!

Oh yeah…..On Amandas return from her girls trip…To put it lightly… she wasnt as excited as me about the coupe.  Needless to say…I havent been left by my lonesome for awhile.  But she has another girls weekend planned in a few months.  Wonder what she will come back to next?

Stick around and I am sure you will find out!