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Photos were taken & edited on my iPhone.
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Here are some of my images….. Black & White is some of my favorite. Hope you enjoy.


Phoneography Challenge: Black & White


Photo was taken on my iPhone & edited on my iPhone.



Here is my photo of a old tractor that sits in what we call the “tobacco district”  where I live.  Looks kinda rustic…I think its a cool shot.  This is my selection for the Phoneography Challenge:  Black & White.  If you are interested in joining grab your phone and start taking pics!  Also check out Lens & Pens by Sally to know which weekly challenge it is!

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 10

All photos were taken on my iPhone & edited on my iPhone.


Meet Gatsby!  He is a rescue kitty that we have.  He is wild and always full of himself.  Never a dull moment with him.  Gatsby is 1000 miles per hour ALWAYS.  So he is my selection for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.  Let me know what you think!

Phoneography Challenge


I have been posting an “iPhoto of the Day” on my blog for the last few weeks.  I just ran across a Phoneography Challenge on a blog called Lens & Pens by Sally. So in lieu of me posting an iPhone photo everyday, I think I am going to start participating in these Challenges I have found.

Here is my first official contribution to the Phoneography Challenge!